Registered in England No. 05144280.
Timber Stair Manufacturers Ltd
About T.S.M.
Since incorporation “June 2004” the company has gone from strength to strength and currently manufactures between ninety and one hundred & fifty be-spoke staircases per week. Considered and sustained development has helped build a reputation for supplying high quality yet affordable products supported with a customer service level and product knowledge that is second to non.
Distributing Nationally  our customers  include National House Builders, Regional House Builders, Timber-Frame Manufacturers, Local Builders, Developers and Self-Builders. Whatever the problem we will do our very best to help keep your build program on course.
The Management team bring an unequalled level of technical expertise and industry wide experience to TSM. Most team members have worked within the industry for many years and like the rest of our workforce have been concisely developed to best serve our customers. Bringing together a healthy balance of youthful drive and experience, has helped ensure we have a solid manufacturing foundation on which to service the ever increasing demands set by the building industry.

We recognise that customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. So by meeting and wherever possible exceeding customer expectation we can be confident that all of our customers receive a professional and reliable service.
Saxilby Road, Lincoln, LN6 5TZ